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Photobooth Video Booth Reception Setup

The Memory Maker Photobooth Videobooth combination is set up at your reception site in a highly visible area. We want your guests to know that at any time during the reception they are able to leave wedding toasts for the bride and groom. We typically coordinate with your planner and DJ to make sure we get maximum exposure to your guests. During the night the DJ makes announcements that get the guests over to the video booth to make their video wedding toasts. We like to be close to the action yet far enough from the speakers so you can hear what your guests are saying. We believe the music and the people moving in the background makes for a more exciting video than the sterile and cramped booths of the past. We also have the traditional curtain booths for those who want more privacy. We can do indoor and outdoor events if you have cover for the computer equipment. Our cameras and microphones can be fine tuned to the environment we are in.

Our attendants ensure that your guests are prepared for their videos and make sure they have fun doing it. We will also ensure that your guests sign the guest book and have fun putting the photo stickers in the wedding guestbook. We put the photosticker on the party favor for the guests and show them how the rectangular card shaped CD works in your computer. The party favor then gets placed in the photo frame and handed to your guests. What a great takeaway for your guests!

- High Traffic Area
- Small Foot print
- Attendant on Site Ushering Guests
- Ensure Guest are Having Fun
- Indoor or Outdoor Options
- Small or Tall Guest

photo videobooth kiosk

Memory Maker Tripod Video Booth (New!)

Notice the diverse settings for weddings and how we blend in.

  video_booth_kiosk   videoboothcrowd   video booth couple talking

New Tripod Version - Davenport Hotel


First Wedding Davenport Hotel


Outdoor Wedding - Overlooking the Valley - Night

  videophotobooth   videoboothirish   video booth moms

Entrance Room of Event Center


Irish Keltic Wedding Outdoors in the Country


Mom's Toasting Son and Daughter

photo video booth outdoors

Pavillion Wedding - Farragut State Park


Reception - Bottom of Church


Outdoor Wedding Overlooking the Valley - Day

  videobooth_night   videobooth bridal tradeshow   video booth Seattle

Outdoor Wedding - Bridesmaids


Bridal Fair Exhibition


Wedding at a Mansion